What is a tygersounds?

Tygersounds is an exploration of time and melody, blending the best parts of 80s synth-rock and pop aesthetics with new-age indie rock and harmonies. The end result—vibrant tracks that drip with passion and memories from a place not far, a place of nostalgia, a place where our youth still lives.

Tygersounds was born in a smaller-than-usual East Village apartment, where Moser wrote, composed, and released the first EP, Tyger (2015). The music was a conduit to his struggles and desires that he felt would connect people through a shared history of growing up in the ‘80s and ‘90s.  

The fresh retrowave trio consists of Jordan Moser, Hilary Davis, and Tom Cordell. Davis (who doesn’t understand why people say she looks like Molly Ringwald) plays violin and synth. Tom Cordell (the self-proclaimed “best drummer on the Eastern seaboard”) plays drums. Moser is the primary songwriter and lead vocalist/guitarist for the band. He taps into a sound that can only be described as Morrisey-esque, merging a haunting, classic tone with a contemporary new-romantic vibe. The combination of vulnerable vocals, synth elements, and rocking guitar and drums is what makes Tygersounds roar.

Moser brought Davis and Cordell into the fold in 2015 to bring Tygersounds out of his studio and into the dimly-lit walls and sticky floors of some classic lower Manhattan clubs (Bowery Electric, Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall). The group continues to perform regularly, and write and record new music.

So, what’s a Tygersounds? Find out for yourself.